Mentoring animation students

Animation etc for another Life:) commercial

Nordisk Film Shortcut
3d stuff for Idol trailer
(3d Artist)

Lowe Brindfors
Update for Rädda Barnen animation.
Production at Sweet Valley.
(Production Supervisor, Animator)

Trailer for the comedy show
Hårdvinklat on swedish TV3.
Production at Sweet Valley.
(Production Supervisor, Animator)

Teaching character animation.

Nordisk Film Shortcut
90 sec film for the paper brand Tork
with director Niclas Larsson at Camp David.
(3d Supervisor/Animator)

Animated squirrels on one Erikli commercial
and rigged a horse for Kanal 75 idents.

Mälardalen University
Teaching character animation to the students at MDH, Mälardalens Högskola in Eskilstuna.
(Animation teacher)


Two bumpers for Audi with a
snow leopard and a polar bear.
(Creature Animator, Rigger)

Important Looking Pirates
Rigging and animation on a
2014 Winter Olympics
trailer for MTG,
and character animation on one Mr Clean Commercial
(Character Animator, Rigger)

Hello There
Rigged creature and vehicle for a music video
(3d Supervisor/Animator)

Jung Von Matt
Created a matte painting for MTG
and regarding the 2014 Winter Olympics.
Production at Sweet Valley.
(Production Supervisor)

Sir David Attenborough's Natural History Museum Alive
Animated the Moa and the Harpagornis
and rigged on a few creatures.
(Creature Animator, Rigger)

Toca Boca
3d character sup. on Toca Mini and
Toca Cars at Toca Boca.
A lot of character animation etc.
(3d Supervisor/Animator)

Character animation for a PS Vita commercial at Minivegas in Amsterdam
(Character animator, rigger)

Teaching character rigging and character animation.

Unity Technologies
Animator and rigger for a Unity game engine demo.
(Character animator, rigger)

Mälardalen University
Teaching character animation to the students at MDH, Mälardalens Högskola in Eskilstuna.
(Animation teacher)


Another year, another bunch of animation students at Future Games in Stockholm. During the fall I am mentoring during 10 weeks.
(Animation mentor)

Animation and rigging for a 1 minute long General Electrics commercial for medical equipment.
It won Gold at Roy galan 2013.
(Animator, Rigger)

Redrum Post
I helped out Redrum Post to do a futuristic Toshiba Mashine commercial for the russian market.
(3d Artist and animator)

We created a new commercial for Compricer with, once again, Mr Compricer as star of the animation!
Production at Sweet Valley.
(Production and Animation supervisor)

The Circle
Three 30 sec live action/3d commercials
for yoghurt brand Verum during the spring of 2012
and agency Saatchi & Saatchi
(Animation Supervisor)

Mälardalen University
I have been teaching character animation to the Eskilstuna students for a couple of weeks.
(Animation Teacher)


With Minivegas in Amsterdam I animated one 45 sek commercial and two 30 sek live action/cg commercials
for Ukrain telecom company Life:)
(Animation supervisor)

IAA - Högskolecenter Eksjö - Campus i12
Guest teacher at IAA in Eksjö, Sweden. Jönköping University.
(3d Teacher)

Picasso Pictures
Character animation at Picasso Pictures in London for Canadian telecom company MTS. Directed by Tokyoplastic.
(Character animator)

Klirr Stockholm
inkClub with agancy Klirr asked for some animated
3d characters and we delivered a 30 sek commercial
and prints for the nordic market.
Production at Sweet Valley.
(Director and animation supervisor)

Compricer and Marginalen
The beginning of 2011 started with finishing up work on the Marginalen Bank and Compricer projects.
Production at Sweet Valley.
(Director and animation supervisor)

Mälardalen University
Animation teacher in Eskilstuna and Mälardalen University.
(Animation teacher)


I was commisioned by Compricer to create a 3d character
(Mr Compricer) for thier brand and to deliver two 20 sek commercials and a lot of stills for web and print.
Production at Sweet Valley.
(Director and animation supervisor)

Marginalen Bank
During three month in the fall and winter of 2010 we created two 30 sek full cg commercials for Marginalen Bank and creative director Johan Ronnestam.
Production at Sweet Valley.
(Director and animation supervisor)

A bumper for MTG and Swedish TV6 was created with Marvel's the Hulk.

Nexus Productions
Character animator and this time animating Super Mario!
Two commercials was made by the talented Nexus Productions and directors Minivegas for Nintendo and the Wii console flagship game Super Mario Galaxy 2.
(Character Animator/Lead)

The Adidas F50 football boot got a nice 45 sec animation because of the great team at Superfad London.

New class with new students that needed some animation knowledge for future escapades.
(Animation Teacher)

Picasso Pictures
A 30 sec commercial for sim card provider O2 was animated with the great guys at Picasso Pictures, directed by Griff!
(Character animator)

Kitteh Kitteh
I got the opportunity to animate on a lovely short film "Catzilla" for director Sam Lanyon/Tokyoplastic
(Character animator)

Picasso Pictures
Picasso Pictures with directors Tokyoplastic brought me in to animate a 30 sec commercial for Chicken McNuggets and Happy Meal.
(Character animator)


Picasso Pictures
Ending of 2009 continued in to 2010, see above.
(Character Animator)

Weirdos - We do IT
Character animations for the web and London based
TMax Production
(Character Animator)

Lowe Brindfors
Agency Lowe Brindfors asked me to animate a 3,5 minute animation for Rädda Barnen, cut out styled, all designed by Visual ID.

Animation teacher at Bergs School of communications and their Futuregames Academy 3d class. Lots of animals to be animated this time!

Enter the Garden
I finished my year as head teacher at the character animation school Enter The Garden in Stockholm after a very exciting year.
(Animation Teacher)

The mobile operator 3 wanted a few animations to connect them with the Icehockey World Championship 2009. Created at Palladium.

RBG6 and Social Club asked for some crazy looking animals to be animated for McDonald's "Paint your (kids) face like a tiger" campaign. Me and Palladium helped out of course and Redrum handled the live action/3d post.

Mälardalen University
For the third year in a row I'm teaching character animation during a month to the students in Eskilstuna.
(Animation Teacher)

Beckman Coulter
Me and the guys at Palladium helped Animech to create more than a minute of ass-kicking-transformer-robot-action for Beckman Coulter.

Berghs School of Communication
During Januari and February I teached character animation to the students at the Futuregames Academy at Berghs in Stockholm.
(Animation Teacher)


Some christmas animation for PCCity
(3d Supervisor)

Skara Sommarland
Visual ID and Lowe Brindfors asked us to breath some serious life into new Skara Sommarland logos . Me and the guys at Palladium put together four logos, both animated and for print, with characters, water dynamics, car racing and rollercoaster rides etc. etc.
(Animation Director/Supervisor)

Swedish Match
DraftFCB wanted some animation for Swedish Match so the Palladium gang jumped in.
(3d Animation)

Beautystick wanted some graphics for a commercial so we handed over some character animation including two pimples discussing life in the pore.

B-Reel created a scary website for Doritos called hotel626 which needed some scary animation so I and Palladium helped out.
(3d Animation, Cloth Dynamics)

Enter The Garden
I am from now on Head Teacher at Enter The Gardens character animation school in Stockholm.
(Animation Teacher)

In September I started as Head of 3D at Palladium in Stockholm, which includes overseeing all CG productions, both full 3D and live action/3d shots, as well as acting as producer or director on specific productions. And create some amazing 3d as well.
(Head of 3D)

C2 needed some expertise involving hiring 3d staff, so I jumped in for some management consulting.
(3d Consulting)

Animation Workshop
For a week in August I teached character animation to the students in Viborg, at the Animation Workshop.
(Animation Teacher)

A lot of autographs created snow, plants and windpower for Vattenfalls new campain. Illustrations created with C2.
(3d Illustration)

Nokia released a new phone and B-Reel did another amazing website. And I did the phone in 3d.
(3d Artist)

Honda cars were rendered and animated for the web experience "Drive Every Drop". With the nice people at B-Reel.
(3d Artist)

Nokia - WE
Crowd animation for Nokia and WE. Hundreds of animated guys created logos. With the guys at Wreck and Farfar.
(3d Animation Lead)


Animated letters for the Swedish mail service
(3d Animation)

Fri Tanke
A book cover for Christer Sturmark and Fri Tanke
(3d Illustration)

A MQ summer commercial with Jan Caffourek, Bo Lundgren and Catt & Co
(3d Animation Lead)

Mälardalen University
I have been teaching character animation to the Eskilstuna students for a couple of weeks.
(Animation Teacher)


Spring commercial for MQ with Jan Cafourek and Bo Lundgren at Woo and agancy Catt & Co
(3d Animation Lead)

Onyx & Röda Lacket
30 sec snus animation plus web banners for Swedish Match's General Onyx Premium, production with Loglo and agancy DraftFCB
(2d Animation, Post)

UEFA Euro 2008
3d character animation with Kaktus Film for a music video with Trix & Flix, the football championship mascots.
(3d Animation)

3d animation for ArmstrongFilm and Susanne Johansson's Energy Cell Treatment Clinic.Production with the guys at Loglo and post done at Syndicate.
(3d Animation, Tracking, Keying)

30 sec world wide commercial for EA's game MySims for the Wii console. With the guys at Against All Odds in Stockholm and Psyop/MassMarket in New York.
(Lead Animator)

Fri Tanke
Bookcover for Fri Tanke
(3d Illustration)

Adidas Techfit - A full 3d web experience with the people at Loglo and Foreign
(Lead 3d Artist)

Stella Artois
Cloudgods etc were made for the Stella Artois web expirience
Le Courage with the Loglo guys and Jan Cafourek at Woo. Directed by Joakim Eliasson at Film de Liberté
(3d Animation)

Me and Andreas Westin made two 15 sec commercials and two prints for JO-Bolaget and their Bravo juices. Design and direction by B-Reel. Agency Stenström Red Cell .
(Lead 3d Artist)

Mälardalens Högskola
I've been teaching animation for a few weeks to the students in Eskilstuna at Mälardalen University


We produced a 3 min web commecial against music piracy for IFPI Norway with Chimney Pot. Directed by Kalle Haglund.
(animation, modelling, lighting etc)

A 30 sec commercial and some prints was made for the shoe brand K-Swiss at Stylewar in Stockholm.
(animation etc)

Five 15 sec commercials for Tylenol in Canada. Created with the guys at Against All Odds.
(Lead Animator)

Interaktiva Akademin
During the autum of 2006 I've been teaching 3d at the animation school Interaktiva Akademin in Eksjö, Sweden.
(teaching, course coordinator)

Ladbrokes bumpers for the new season of FCZ for Foreign.
(animation etc.)

ICA Maxi
Logo animation.
(animation etc.)

Packshot animation.
(animation etc.)

Animation for Coop.
(animation etc.)

Helping out ACNE with a promotion film for SSU for the
Swedish election.
(keying, comping etc.)

MTV - EuroTop20
A 30 sec introfilm for MTV Europe's show EuroTop20 with Jan Cauforek and Bo Lundberg from Woo Agentur.
Won silver at Kolla 2007.
(Lead Animator)

Some 3d graphics animated for RTV
(animation etc)

1 min commercial with Nexus Productions.
In HD format, full 3D. Shown world wide.
Won the Gold Lion Award in Cannes.
(character animation, rigging etc.)

Commercial with Syndicate Entertainment. Live action and 3d.
(modelling, animation)

Danske Bank
Commercial with StyleWar. Live action and 3d.
(modelling, animation)

Commercial with the guys at Syndicate for the gasoline company Statoil. Live action with 3d special effects, character and buildings. Directed by Adam Berg.
(character animation, modelling, rigging, lighting, rendering)

Ferrero - Kinder Egg
Commercial with the Syndicate for the "Überachung EI"
(animation, rigging, lighting, rendering)

10 intro spots for a children tv show called Katten Musen Tio Tusen for UR (Utbildnings Radion, Swedish television)
(Lead Animator, Co-Directing)


Syndicate Ent.
I've been at Syndicate in Stockholm for a few projects during the end of 2005. Some of the clients include
IKEA, Helly Hansen, Tele2 and rockgroup Kent.
(animation, modelling, rigging, lighting, rendering)
The IKEA commercial won "Guldägget" (The Swedish Golden Egg Award) and tons of other awards across the world,
and the music video for Kent - De Som Försvann, won a Swedish Grammy Award.

Commercials for Folksam with the people at StyleWar
(character animation)

Lots of short animations for Vattenfall
(animation, modeling, lighting, rendering and composeting)

Commercial against child abuse, with Nexus Productions in London
(rigging, lighting, rendering)

Two 40 sec commercials for the french railway, with Nexus
(modeling, lighting, rendering and additional animation)

The Duke Spirit
Music video for the band The Duke Spirit. With the people at Nexus Productions.
(animation, lighting, rendering)

Forrest Clearing - Mesh
A 3 min animated film for Channel 4 - UK.
Four months production time.
(3D Lead - Character animation, character rigging, character modeling and 3d supervising)

3D still images for Ikanobanken

Effective Studios
3d illustration for print
(modeling, lighting, rendering)

Pre production for a 3 min animated film for Channel 4 - UK
(modeling, animation, lighting, rendering)

Animatic and pre production for the drink Mer (cartoon style), with the people from Swiss International
(modeling, 2d/3d animation)

Hollywood Torsdag
Trailer, etc. for Hollywood Torsdag for Kanal 5, with B-Reel
(modeling, animation, lighting, rendering)

Web 3d for SKF
(modeling, animation)

A 3 min presentation film for Teknikföretagarna, live action/3d animation. Done with the guys at Pixshift (now Greatworks)
(modeling, animation, lighting, rendering)


A 1 min short, pre production for the french washing product Skip with the guys at Swiss International
(character animation, additional rigging)

Two 20 Sec commercials for the Triss lottery christmas campain. Collaboration with StyleWar
(character animation, modeling, rigging)

Knife Party
Intensive advanced Maya training for London based Knife Party (teaching)

A 3 min short for Puma, US. to be used in stores and fairs etc. Done with Syndicate Entertainment
(character animation, modeling, rigging, rendering)

Walldesign for a guitar store
(spraycan art)

Website for a friend (www.bandana.se)

Logo for Östenssons Café, etc.


Wallpainting of logo
(spraycan and brushpaint art)

Sightline Vision
Architectural visualisation for NCC
(rendering, photoshop cleanup)

3d web graphics (modeling, texturing)

Logo for a store (graphic illustration)

Eastpak / Russel Athletics / B-Line
Animated logos for a big party hosted by the B-Line crew
(animation, lighting & composeting)

Klubb Succé
Logo and flyers for a club
(graphic illustration)

3d web graphics
(modeling, texturing)

Illustration for 5 meter wide poster
(spraycan art)


Reebok & Sneakersnstuff
Commercial for use in store, at clubs etc.
(modeling, texturing, animation, composeting)

8 TV commercials
(animating & composeting 2d graphics)

Wallpaintings for the swedish election
(spraycan art)

Commercial for use in store, at clubs etc (2d and 3d animation, modeling, texturing, filming, composeting)
3d web graphics (modeling, texturing)

React Store
Wallpainting in store (spraycan art)

(Swedish National Rail Administration)
3d visualisation for swedish railroad

(Swedish National Road Administration)
2d illustration for road rebuilding.

Delta Produktion
15 meter wide wall painting for a theatre performance show
(spraycan art)

3d visualisation for medical equipment
(character animation)

3d visualisation for road rebuilding
(modeling, texturing and composeting for tv and web)

Sture Companiet
Glass painting for club
(paintbrush art)


Graphic illustrations and web-graphics

Kalmar FF Support Club
10 meter wide banner made for some soccer hooligans
(spraycan and brushpaint art)


Progressive Logic Solution AB
My role at Progressive was Lead Animator, but I also did alot of modeling, texturing, lighting and composeting for 3d and 2d graphics

TV commercial for swedish butter. It won the Best Commercial Award at the 3D Festival in Copenhagen.
(character animation, modeling, texturing, cameras)

TV commercial for IKEA in Norway
(modeling, animation)

SVT Drama
TV bumper for swedish television
(modeling, animation)

TV commercial (modeling, animation)
Web graphics (modeling, animation)

The Talkshow
PC game for TV4, Sweden. Distrubuted by EA.
Production time 1,5 year.
(character animation, character modeling, rigging, camera animation, lighting and composeting)

Progressive Intro
Intro for Progressive Studios
(character animation, texturing, lighting and composeting)

Console game that never was finished
(character and vehicle modeling)


CD cover and booklet for "Alla Talar Svenska", two albums with various swedish hiphop acts (illustration)

Summertime work in Gotland
(this was more of a psychological stress test)


Thunman Skolan
Wallpainting (spraycan art)

Wallpainting for comic magazine (spraycan art)

Yunk Yard Bar
Wallpaintings (spraycan and airbrush art)

Wallpaintings for store and trade fairs and for flyer cover (spraycan art)