These are some of the projects I've worked on during the last years! Mainly as character animator but also supervisor and director and all round 3d artist.

Click on the images to see the animations and to get some more information regarding my involment in specific projects. Please scroll down for more stuff!

Toca Mini
This was a refreshing and fun experience with the great people at Toca Boca!
I was responsible for creating and animating the Toca Mini character, which ment a lot of animating of course. What you can see above is the very first animation test, including three "loops" which I think the last two was used in the game.
This test was rendered to get a feel for the character and try out material before the reeltime shading was started. We did loose the clay feel and went for a more translucent plastic style.

What's the game about you might wonder? Well, you get to design your very own Mini character! Check it out here or get the iOS version here!

What I did
I modelled, rigged and animated the character

Play Designer: Chris Lindgren
Project Manager: Molly Ränge
Developer: Amanda Rösler
Developer: Joakim Höglund
Artist: Mathilda Engman
3D Supervisor & Animator: Anders Freij
3D Intern: Christoffer Svenningsson
Shaders: Lucas Kampmann Duroj
Producer: Emil Ovemar