These are some of the projects I've worked on during the last years! Mainly as character animator but also supervisor and director and all round 3d artist.

Click on the images to see the animations and to get some more information regarding my involment in specific projects. Please scroll down for more stuff!

Panasonic - Black
This one was great fun! To get the proper transformations working and a nice stopmotion style to the animation we replaced 3d models frame by frame. It took a bit longer but it was definitly worth it, but we were a bit scared for last minute changes.
Smith and Foulkes directed this spot and I animated with the Nexus crew.

What I did
After doing the layout I created and animated the first 6-7 seconds, and helped out with bits and pieces throughout the animation by the end like lighting the packshot and model some inbetweens

Agency: The Campain Palace
Directors: Smith & Foulkes
Production house: Nexus Productions
Character design: Mark Gmehling
3d Lead extraordinaire: Michael Greenwood
3d artists and/or animators: Dominic Griffiths, Christian Johnson, Andy Hickinbottom & Anders Freij
Comp and grade: Hugo Guerra