These are some of the projects I've worked on during the last years! Mainly as character animator but also supervisor and director and all round 3d artist.

Click on the images to see the animations and to get some more information regarding my involment in specific projects. Please scroll down for more stuff!

MySims - Come Play With Us
Psyop teamed up with againstallodds this time for this MySims commercial. It was filmed in Stockholm and I with the team at aoo created all animations. We had a lot of fun animating all the Sims characters and I think it turned out great!

What I did
I animated characters and also helped out with coordinating everything as lead.

Client: EA
Agency: Wieden+Kennedy
Production company: againstallodds, Psyop & Massmarket
Animation Director: Derek Picken @ Against All Odds
Live Action Director: Chris Staves @ Psyop
Animation Lead & Production Coordinator: Anders Freij
Animators: Anders Freij, Laurent Clermont, Dan Santos, Niklas, Andreas Westin
3d Artists: Christian Paulsson, Göran Forsling
Lighting & Rendering: Kristian Rydberg, Stefan, Anders Freij
Post: MassMarket