These are some of the projects I've worked on during the last years! Mainly as character animator but also supervisor and director and all round 3d artist.

Click on the images to see the animations and to get some more information regarding my involment in specific projects. Please scroll down for more stuff!

inkClub - batteryClub - dustClub - lightClub
It started with one drawing from Sean Barret at Klirr and ended with four lovely characters speeding through the streets of "Stockholm" to finaly meet up and join forces for inkClub.
After storyboarding we set off with animatic and character designs, one character for each brand, and then went on to prepare for the upcoming animations with modelling, texturing and rigging. Luckely the brilliant guys at Klirr helped out with some amazing matte paintings that we projected on to 3d geometry so we could move around in the world of inkClub.
After a few different versions for the nordic countries plus prints and web art we left with a smile!
Great work from everyone involved!

What I did
I directed, supervised the production, animated, rigged, did lookdev and a bit of everything.

Client: inkClub
Agency: Klirr Stockholm
Art Director: Sean Barret
Producer: Catharina Bolmer
Director / Production Supervisor / Animator: Anders Freij
Co-Director / Storyboard Artist / Animator: Andreas Westin
3d Artists / Animators: Mikael Cronqvist & Nicklas Urasaki
Comp / Matte painters: Fredrik Persson, Niklas Grahn & Johannes Björklund
Photo Assistant: Lukas Zieba
Sound: Mindfunk




Final version