These are some of the projects I've worked on during the last years! Mainly as character animator but also supervisor and director and all round 3d artist.

Click on the images to see the animations and to get some more information regarding my involment in specific projects. Please scroll down for more stuff!

General Electric China - Vscan - ”Ancient Invention”

This commercial ment a first visit for me at Naive in Stockholm on a quite short but really lovely project with a great team.

What I did
My part in this was mainly animating and rigging characters and houses.
I also created the normal maps for the paper structures which turned out pretty nice!

At Roygalan in Stockholm 2013 it won gold in the Best Animation category!

Client: General Electric China
Agency: ACNE production for TBWA
Production House: Naive
Director: Andreas Öhman
Project Manager: Lotta Grahn
CG-supervisor: Linus Kullman
Modeling: Anders Törnqvist & Steve Woodruff
Lookdev & Rendering: Anders Törnqvist & Linus Kullman
Animation & Rig: Janak Thakker & Anders Freij
Storyboard: Emil Maxén
Compositing: David Nalci
Grading: Oskar Gullstrand
Sound: Red Pipe

Best Animation 2013