These are some of the projects I've worked on during the last years! Mainly as character animator but also supervisor and director and all round 3d artist.

Click on the images to see the animations and to get some more information regarding my involment in specific projects. Please scroll down for more stuff!

Coca-Cola "Videogame"
This Coca-Cola commercial was a pretty cool project Nexus Productions!
A full 3d animation with 67 uniqe characters, all of them hand animated,
and everything rendered in HD 1080p (which was a lot at the time).
The production time was about 2,5 month and we where around 20+ people involved in the process.

It won a Gold Lion in Cannes!

What I did
I was part in animating two of the shots near the end where all the guys starts dancing around in a pattern and the next when the mobsters and police cars comes crasching and end up dancing in the street.

I also helped out with rigging the characters which was pretty interesting because of the amount of characters that would be animated later on.

With a basic rigged model with a huge amount of blendshapes on we could match up that mesh and skin wrap the weights on to a new model, which would save us a day or two on each character when it comes to skinning.
The modellers also used that basic morph character to create all the different ones, with alot of extra tweaking of course but a lot of time was saved there as well.

Directors: Smith & Foulkes
Agency: Wieden & Kennedy
Head Of 3D/Lead Lighting/Modelling: Ben Cowell
Animation Supervisor, 3D FX, Compositing: Reece Millidge
Character Supervisor, Modelling: Darren Price
Modelling, Lighting & Rendering: Will Brand
Vehicle Modelling: Wayne Kresil
Character Modelling: Mattias Bjurström
Character Modelling, Lighting & Rendering: Matt Clark
Background Development, Modelling: Adam Willis
Lead Rigging: Luis San Juan Pallaras
Rigging: Anders Freij
Rigging: Rodi Kaya
3D FX: Ludovik Boden
Lead Texturing: Philippe Gaulier
Texturing: Claudia Torres
Texturing: Joan Cabot
Texturing: Jaime Fernandez
Animation: Stuart Doig
Animation: Ben Crowe
Animation: Antoine Bourruel
Animation: Alberto Lara
Animation: Andres Puente
Animation: Anders Freij
Crowd Research/Character Rendering: Mike Greenwood
Modelling/Lighting & Rendering: Jerome Haupert
Modelling/Lighting & Rendering: Paul Herbert
Modelling/Lighting & Rendering: Daren Rolmanis
Compositing: Dean Koonjul
Compositing: Dany Sayers
Storyboard Artist & Character Development: Ben Godfrey